Download Vagrant boxes

Vagrant boxes can be downloaded separately from Vagrant Cloud if needed.

vagrant box add <boxname>

If you already have installed the Vagrant boxes you can upgrade them with:

vagrant box update <boxname>

Inside the project directory you can easily update all Vagrant boxes with:

vagrant box update

Use a new box version

If you want to use a new box version for an existing virtual machine, you must first destroy the old virtual machine before you can use the new version of a Vagrant box for that virtual machine.

save your work first

Save your work if needed before destroying any machines.

vagrant destroy el6-node1 -f
vagrant up --provision

master node is needed for provisioning

If you want to destroy a box and reinstall it, it is not enough to restart this box. It is also necessary to start the master node with the option --provision because the reinstallation via Ansible is done only from the master node.


# this will only bring up the new machine without Ansible provisioning
vagrant up el6-node1
# this will bring up all machines and executes the provisioners for all
# machines including the master node
vagrant up --provision

# or when the nodes are already running
vagrant provision